Literacy Services

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Literacy is the key to success – in the community and on the job. It is about being about being able to function and navigate the systems we encounter everyday.

Literacy Services matches an adult instructor with an adult learner needing instruction in English. Students may be native English speakers but not proficient in reading and writing or, have a first language other than English and want to learn English.

Students have short and long-term goals. Long-term goals might include getting a GED, Citizenship or advancing to Higher Education, while shorter-term goals may be job advancement or  the ability to speak comfortably with a child’s teacher or a physician. Some stay with the program for a year, others stay to work on their long-term goals.

The match between instructor and student is based upon scheduling, geography and other commonalities. Instructors receive training, which includes a five-week Instructor Training course, required for certification.

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The literacy program provides a wonderful opportunity to gain a sense of reward with teaching opportunities. There is agreat sense of accomplishment and enlightenment with moments such as those in which one helps a student understand an American idiom or saying and sees an “aha” moment in which the student’s face reflects understanding of something that had confused them for some time. Karen T

I have been helping my student, Linda, with her English for at least 3 years now…I have stopped counting. We have become friends. I have said for a while now that I am learning just as much from her as she is from me! Jennifer V

When I hear the words, “It was a good lesson,” from my student, that’s enough to make me want to make the next lesson even better!  This is a very rewarding experience. Jane G.

To register as a student, become a volunteer instructor or receive more information, call  908-782-4357.

Volunteer Instructors will be certified through this program when they complete the 5-week, 15-hour course, attend at least two-inservices and are matched for at least three months. A $40 fee is required for materials. We are committed to providing the student with six hours of weekly study so that they make progress and reach their goals.

Literacy services is funded by the New Jersey Department of Labor,  corporations, foundations and individual supporters.

email for information about becoming a student or a instructor.